A Guide to Personalizing Latex Mattress Sizes

To ensure the perfect fit for your custom-sized order, kindly provide us with the following measurements:

Please take measurements on a naked body or on top of your lingerie.

A. Height
B. Neck length
C. Neck around
D. Bust
E. Waist
F. Hips
G. Thigh around
H. Knee around
I. Shank Around
J. Ankle around
K. Upper Arm around
L. Elbow around
M. Wrist around
N. Neck line to waist
O. Waist to ankle
P. Neck to ankle
Q. Inseam ankle to crotch
R. Arm Length
S. Shoulder to shoulder
T. Foot length
U. Head size around
V. Weight
W. Gender