Materials & Care


Latex is 100% natural material – rubber which is extracted from Helvetica Brasilius tree juice. In the production process, pigments are added to create different colors of latex. There is no fabric lining for latex and therefore the material is glued Instead of being sewn. The tiny holes that the sewing needle creates can cause tearing of latex. For the manufacture of clothing used sheet latex, which comes in large rolls and has a width of the order of one meter.

How to make your latex clothes shiny?

When you buy your first latex product, its look can disappoint you, as originally it does not shine at all and looks like ordinary rubber. To give shine there are many polishes created specifically for latex clothing, also suitable pure silicone lubricant. Apply a small amount of polish or silicone to the product and rub it with your hands. You can use a soft cloth that does not leave a nap. Before applying clothes should be washed from talcum powder and dried.

How to wear and care for latex clothing:

Many people like the feeling and appearance of latex clothing, with proper care, your latex clothing will bring pleasure and perfect look for many years. The following items may damage, stain, and prematurely wear out latex clothing; avoid contact with your items:

  • Sunlight: avoid long influence.
  • Moisture: avoid very long exposure.
  • Oils and greases: beware of oil-based body products, cosmetics, etc.
  • Solvents: including nail polish remover.
  • Copper and alloys: even small traces can stain bright latex, beware of jewelry and coins.
  • High temperature: excessive temperature will damage the latex coating. Be careful with open fire, cigarettes, etc.
  • Be very careful with sharp objects, jewelry and even nails, as latex is easy to scratch or tear.
  • Avoid contact with chlorine or bleach, any such contact will weaken the strength of the material. This includes a pool with chlorinated water or a jacuzzi.